The Importance of Having a Professional Foreclosure Consultant to Represent Your Interests

There are record numbers of home mortgage foreclosures occurring across the United States today. If you are one of the millions of Americans who are at risk of foreclosure, then you will need to obtain the assistance of a professional foreclosure consultant. They can save you time, money, embarrassment, confusion, aggravation, and most importantly, they can even save you from losing your home in many cases. Even if you have received a Notice of Default and/or a Notice of Sale from your lender, it may not be too late to save your home from foreclosure.

A professional foreclosure consultant is one who represents you in any or all of the following ways:

-Stopping or at least postponing your foreclosure sale;

-Exercising your rights for reinstatement (if applicable in your state);

-Obtaining a reinstatement extension from your lender;

-Obtaining a waiver of any clause in your deed of trust or mortgage that accelerates the seizure and/or sale of your home;

-Obtaining a loan for you to bring the mortgage loan current;

-Assist you in ameliorating any impairment or damage to your credit rating;

-Completely stop the foreclosure process;

When you stand to lose your home to foreclosure, the time starts to fly by you like a jet. It seems that you just can’t catch up and you need assistance. Many times, the pending feelings of doom associated with a scheduled foreclosure keep the homeowner so upset that they cannot seem to function optimally. A professional, seasoned foreclosure consultant can step in and return the situation to normal for you – or at least make sure that you are represented as best you can be and make sure that whatever transpires is the best for you that is possible.

With the extreme number of foreclosures happening in the country today, laws are being revised to try and accommodate borrowers so that they are able to bring their loans current and rectify the foreclosure situations. Your lender’s loss mitigation department has representatives that deal with these issues on a daily basis – and they are in place to assure the least possible loss for the lending organization. They are not necessarily there to help you. If they feel that the lending company will lose less by foreclosing than to work with you, then foreclosure it will be. That is, unless you obtain expert representation to take charge of the situation and help you to become able to save your home by avoiding foreclosure.

If you are in danger of being foreclosed against, especially if you have already received a Notice of Default and/or a Notice of Sale, then please visit today and learn more about how a professional foreclosure consulting expert can be greatly beneficial to you and your family. We understand how difficult times are and we know just how much your home means to you.

Expert Advice and Timely Work – How Certified Tax and Accountancy Specialists Work

For those who operate businesses, whether small, medium or large ones, the process of preparing balance sheets, auditing requirements, and loads of tax forms is a tough one, especially if they don’t have time to do all this or if they lack the knowledge to complete the procedures. Getting help from a number of professional taxation and accounting-related consultancy experts will do a lot in helping business owners and corporations maximize their time and ensure that their financial resources are well-audited and in proper order. For instance, the services offered by independent accountants considerably differ in a lot of aspects, especially if you get these from an accountant on your payroll. The following paragraphs will give an overview of the wide array of services that professional taxation and accountancy consultants render.

The process of bookkeeping refers to the recording of businesses’ daily trading transactions. All pertinent data such as purchase receipts, expense invoices, sales invoices, credit notes received and issued, delivery charges and delivery notes, cash sales, cash received from debtors and others are entered into an official accounting record, which many call the accounting “books”. These days, most accounting books come in software form, with the records entered using the fundamental double entry system and other accounting rules, on the computer. Your accountancy consultant may provide your firm with the required accounting software, and provide the training as well for properly implementing an automated accounting system in your small business or large firm. The use of modern accounting software constitutes a more personal accounting and banking, as well as providing key decision makers and managers a more hands-on approach to their work.

Professional Tax Advice: Most people instantly think about “income tax” when someone talks about giving professional tax advice. Well, an income tax is only one of the many forms of taxation that are imposed by the central government to spend for social programs and other services. In the United Kingdom for example, a large segment of the income tax and capital gains taxes are both managed by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs Department (HMRC). An income tax serves as the main source of income for the government. This form of taxation is based on the earned and unearned income of a business entity or individual employee. For this tax, there are a series of payment scales mandated by the government yearly as part of its budget process, and each person who has an income is liable for paying these, provided that their income is above the threshold. Taxation and accounting consultancy services help your firm to thresh out the details, fill the right forms, know the appropriate tax laws, and steer clear of any penalties.

Corporation taxes on the other hand, are payable annually and this are important tax payments that companies should not miss. This type of tax is levied on a limited company’s taxable income or profits. This type of tax however is not applicable for self-employed individuals, but only applies to limited companies, organizations as well as Members’ clubs, societies and associations. The value added tax (VAT) on the other hand, may be quite stressful to handle, especially when the deadlines arrive. According to tax experts, the VAT is one of the most complicated taxes that are levied on businesses, since failing to complete such returns on time would result in incurring applicable penalties and interest. An Accountancy and Taxation consultant will offer to help your firm keep up with the latest HMRC regulations, as well as offer complete advice on the tricky aspects of VAT such as the Flat Rate Scheme, VAT registration, Vat planning and administration, compulsory registration timing, the benefits and drawbacks of voluntary registration, VAT on imports and exports, as well as Customs and Excise VAT.

New Business Consultants – Offer Services to International Clients This Week

New business consultants are often near sighted (can’t see anything far away) with their belief in their ability to reach and positively impact companies around the world. That’s usually because they falsely believe that much of the world is too far behind the technology curve or that many countries have different laws, cultures and business practices they do not know and that scares them.

Let’s take each one of the fears mentioned above one at a time, first is the false belief that other countries are too far behind the technology curve.

OK let’s say that might be true for a percentage of the world, there’s still the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Europe as well. Each of these countries has a strong knowledge and fluency in the English language. In addition you will find each of these countries also have high speed internet, credit cards (so you can get paid online), and millions of prospects each.

Next how to overcome the differences in laws, culture, and business practices. Once you have started a conversation with a prospect, either through email or a request for a phone consultation you can narrow what their needs are and than just ask them.

Ask them if there is any business practices within this project that they know of that are different than those in the U.S. If they say yes, than ask them what they are, next ask them what they believe is the best way to address theses issues. If they offer you suggestions you’re in business, if they say they don’t know, inform them that you may need to consult experts in those areas in which you have no expertise.

This will not weaken your credibility; if anything it shows them that you are the right person. You are a true international business consultant, someone who understands the complexities involved with international business. Moreover you will have demonstrated your ability to identify those areas in which you need to bring in other team members, to provide the best results you can for the client.

Remember the client wants results; they don’t usually care how you get them just that you get them. Just stay legal and give what you promise, and do it with confidence of someone who can do the job even if you don’t have the answer to every problem, let them know you know how to get it. If you do that you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

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5 Tips How Your Small Company Can Avoid Labor Law Problems in California

(Internet Resources on Employment Compliance for California’s Small Businesses)

California’s labor laws have given it a reputation as a “non business friendly” state that makes life difficult for employers. In my consulting practice we have audited many California small businesses and found most of them to be seriously non-compliant with many state employment standards and regulations.

A business owner could face serious fines or disruption if a government agency finds his or her company in violation of California’s labor code regulations, which are extensive. Disgruntled ex-employees can find “trolling” lawyers who will pay them a fee for insider information that leads to their filing suit against you for even minor infractions. The plaintiff bar attorneys have prospered from this state’s confusion of rules and regulations and have targeted numerous small and medium sized businesses with employment related litigation.

If you are a small California business employer, it is in your best interests to take the steps necessary to ensure you are compliant with the state’s labor laws. The links in this article can assist the small employer in taking the steps he or she needs, using free or inexpensive resources available on the Internet, to avoid labor law compliance problems. The guidelines outlined here are intended for use by employers with under 50 employees. For those firms with over 50 employees, this advice is still valid but there are other major legal requirements that the larger employer must consider to be fully compliant with the labor codes, such as state and federal leave laws and sexual harassment training for your managers. For the smaller business, here are the primary five areas on which you will need to focus.

#1 Update your Employment Law Posters!

The California Department of Labor and the federal government require employers to post information related to wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday. The number of posters required is determined by the size and nature of your business but could total up to 10 or more. You can obtain the requisite California and federal posters through these websites: [] .and []. If display space is an issue, you may want to consider purchasing an approved “combination” poster which condenses and combines all the necessary posters. You can find these online at [] or or similar sites on the Internet.

Employers should study and make sure they understand the regulations on these posters to determine which regulations are applicable to their business so they can answer questions from employees.

#2 Be compliant with all Safety and Health regulations – In California, every employer has a legal requirement to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, according to the California Occupational Safety and Health department standards. As of 1991, each employer must have in place a written, effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). This does not have to be a complex document but must encompass certain elements. You can get an outline from the state for developing a plan for your work site at [] . In addition to developing a plan, there is a requirement that you train your workers on preventing workplace hazards (and document that training). Your IIPP plan must be updated every time you change your operations where the hazards involved also change. In addition, all employers with over 10 employees must also keep an accident and injury log (OSHA 300). You can download that form and instructions at .

#3 Pay close attention to how you pay your employees – In California, most state employment regulations “trump” federal regulations because state standards are usually stricter. Many small business owners make the mistake of paying all or many of their employees a straight salary in order to keep payroll a simple process. This is especially true in businesses which have an office environment. This can be a very perilous approach as you most probably will be in violation of overtime rules which have very stiff penalties. Study the CA Industry Wage Commission (IWC) orders for your industry at [] to know the legal requirements for overtime wages, breaks and lunch periods for your workers.

A critical area many small businesses fail to recognize is the proper classification of employees, as they apply to mandatory overtime pay – exempt from overtime or not exempt. This can be a technical area which you may need some professional advice, but the general rule is that every employee should be paid hourly and paid overtime according to the IWC orders unless the proper testing is done to make a case for an exemption which usually only applies to top managers or certain professional employees. Some guidelines are available at .

#4 Respect your Employees’ Privacy and secure personnel files – Today the law protects the privacy of employees with some pretty severe sanctions against employers who violate a person’s medical privacy or identity. Separate basic personnel information into two files – a personnel file (with payroll tax forms, or basic job information in it such as training documents, performance reviews and disciplinary or commendation notices) and a separate confidential file with medical, credit, benefits and personal family or dependent information. Supervisors or other interested management must be restricted in their access to the personnel file only. Only the person designated as the human resources record keeper is to be entrusted with the access to the confidential file. Make sure these files are always secured. Protect your employees’ personal information.
For a more thorough discussion on employer’s responsibilities on employee privacy download this article at []

#5 Don’t forget to properly verify your employees’ work status – The immigration authorities are under increasing pressure to enforce the laws, and experts agree that enforcement will increase in the coming years as the debate wears on regarding illegal immigration. There have been some well publicized raids all over the country. The I-9 employment form must be completed by every employer on every employee, even US citizens. These documents must be completed properly and kept up to date if certain documents are presented on an employee’s legal status to work in the US. Attached are two good primers and forms on the employer’s responsibilities in that area which can be found at or [] .

As a further measure, you should also use the government’s free service to verify that the social security numbers being presented by applicants are valid, which will reduce the chances that you are hiring an illegal alien. Instructions for verification online are available at . This may become a requirement in the near future as the immigration service cracks down on employers. The government is now using tax filings with mismatched or invalid social security numbers to look for employer who knowingly hire workers who are in the US without proper labor authorization.

While this article is not inclusive of every labor code issue employers may face, it does cover the “hot” areas which will give you a running head start to being essentially compliant with California state and the federal laws. It might be a prudent investment for every business owner with more than five employees to have a human resource and payroll audit done periodically by an HR professional. This exercise can help you spot areas of vulnerability and non compliance so that you can address those issues before they become a major crisis and costly disruption of you business.

Qualities to Look For in a Law Firm Internet Marketing Professional

While some law schools are beginning to change their ways, historically, most law firms have not adequately prepared lawyers for the business of practicing law.

Operating a law firm requires several business-related skills that most lawyers simply don’t have. From accounting, to hiring, to payroll, to accounting, there are many skills required to keep your firm running smoothly. And just as important as any of these, is getting new business.

Marketing a firm can be a full-time job in itself. In fact is. In fact, it has spawned an entire industry. You don’t have to look very far to find all sorts of marketing consultants, experts, agencies, etc. But how do you choose the right one?

While there are many components to building an effective strategic relationship with your marketing partner, when it comes to hiring an Internet marketing consultant, there are a couple characteristics that I have seen, more often than not, lead to positive results.

1. Experience – Just like with the practice of law, in the practice of Internet marketing, there is no substitute for experience. I don’t care how skilled you purport to be, if you haven’t managed law firm web visibility campaigns, you are more likely to make more mistakes.

2. Technical Knowledge – While you don’t need to be a computer science major to understand the concepts of Internet marketing, you should have a basic grasp of some of the more technical components of the web. Even more importantly, you should look for a consultant that is familiar with the latest solutions available to lawyers online. Web marketing technology is evolving quickly and if you’re marketing agent isn’t keeping up, chances are you will be chasing your competitors’ coat tails.

3. Relationships – Just like any business, when it comes to successful law firm web marketing, relationships matter. The more relevant industry relationships your professional can leverage, generally speaking, the more that their clients will benefit.

When you are interviewing your prospective law firm Internet marketing professional, make sure that they score high marks in these three key areas. While you can never guarantee that you have found the right partner for you, identifying these qualities will increase your likelihood of success.

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Why Have an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case

— Why Witnesses Are Important to a Personal Injury Case —
Witnesses are often called to the stand in personal injury cases. They are utilized in order to provide clarity when aspects of the accident are contested. As an example, an eyewitness to the car wreck can recount their view of the accident’s occurrence from an objective position.

Expert witnesses play a different role than an eyewitness. Experts have extensive education or experience in matters related to the accident, such as technical knowledge in automotive mechanics. For a case related to a car accident, such expertise makes that witness an invaluable resource regarding details that must be proven to have occurred or played a significant role in the accident.

Expert witnesses have rarely been on the scene when an accident occurred. But they are able to provide testimony in regards to critical aspects of the claim. The expert witness’ role is key to determinations related to the case because he or she has expert knowledge that other parties in the case do not. This knowledge is needed to prove claims made based upon the findings of accident investigations.

Experts are in no way related to the parties in the case, so their testimony is objective and impartial, based only upon factual information and theories related to their area of knowledge.

— Types of Personal Injury Case Expert Witnesses —
Expert witnesses vary in type for personal injury cases. Two such types of expert witnesses are the consulting witness and testifying expert.

Consulting witnesses use their knowledge and experience to help parties in the case understand key issues and facts on which the case is based. Consulting witnesses do not appear in court or testify on the stand. But their role is very important because they are positioned to enable attorneys to clearly understand and relay complex and technical issues as part of the personal injury case.

Testifying experts do appear in court and testify on the stand in order to effectively communicate pertinent issues to the jury, judge and others in the case. This is the primary difference between consulting and testifying experts.

An expert may be categorized as both consulting and testifying. How the expert is designated plays a role in discovery and applicable rules. A consulting expert’s information used in litigation does not have to be discovered by the opposing parties, whereas a testifying expert’s information to be shared is able to be discovered.

— Specializations of Personal Injury Case Expert Witnesses —
In personal injury cases, there are common types of expert witnesses used to prove a case. Specialists from the healthcare and medical fields are commonly engaged as expert witnesses to testify about issues such as the injuries suffered by the victims, options for their recovery and information about required treatments.

Medical malpractice-related cases almost always necessitate medical experts. Such experts must provide testimony about healthcare standards and how the defendant did not meet this standard of care in regard to the claim. The medical expert’s testimony plays a significant role in a medical malpractice case.

Engineering experts are commonly utilized to testify in personal injury cases based upon premises liability. Engineering experts provide testimony in regard to building construction, structural issues or other topics such as improper roadway maintenance.

Common to auto accident claims are manufacturing experts. These experts provide testimony in regard to defective automotive parts or products. They can illustrate how the defective parts led to accident related injuries.

When an accident financially impacts an accident victim, economic experts can provide testimony about how the wreck has negatively affected the victim’s ability to earn an income. They may also provide expertise in financial valuation of losses related to the claim.

These fall under Rule 702 – Testimony by Expert Witness (source: Cornell LII)

— Significance of Personal Injury Case Expert Witnesses —
Expert witnesses are not required for all personal injury cases. But cases of motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, claims of product liability and other such cases often benefit from the information an expert witness can objectively provide.

Expert analysis of personal injury case information can clarify details of the case with impartiality. Using their special knowledge, training and education, these witnesses often shed light on issues affecting judge or jury decisions.

Victims are permitted to use experts for case investigation and review as needed. These witnesses are invaluable in proving claim credibility and explanation of difficult subject matter in ways that laymen can understand the issues. Victim case outcome is often related to expert witness testimony and how those experts relayed information to the judge and jury.

Personal injury attorneys help victims of personal injury claims decide when and how to use expert witnesses, before they are retained. These attorneys understand the important role the witnesses play and when they may be needed to gain a favorable outcome toward settlement or in court.

Discover Your Career Opportunities With a Law Degree

“I like to pursue a law degree, but I hate to become a lawyer. What else can I do with my law degree besides being a lawyer?” You may be frustrating with this question in deciding to take up a law degree program because you worry that the law degree can’t help you to find a career after graduation. Most often people with a law degree pursue careers as lawyers, but you are not limited to this career with a law degree. Law degree students find many career opportunities in other fields such as banks, real estates and factories and they also manage restaurants and hotels, and work as university’s administrator. This article will help you discover some of career opportunities with a law degree.

1. Legal Consultant

Do you know that many large organizations such as Intel Technology Corporation, the giant manufacturer for CPU and chipset have a legal department in the company? Corporations have a variety of problems that require them to have an attorney or a team of attorneys on staff. They provide legal consultancy to the company on labor negotiations, tax law, investment, public releases, product manuals, public announcement notes, public release news and other legal related activities. You can start you career as a legal consultant to a corporate with your law degree. If you want to involve in business field with a law degree, then, you should choose a law degree that consists of courses in management or business administration besides the major law’s courses.

2. Evidence Law Consultant

If you have knowledge or have working in medical genetic field, then a law degree could provides a great help in your career. You could work as an evidence law consultant in courtroom, when a jury is presented with DNA evidence, your legal expertise is needed to help those member in the jury in solving many legal questions.

3. Wills & Trusts Writer

Many people have started to realize the important of having a will & trust in their estate planning. It’s a booming field as the market is exploring and it creates a good career opportunity for those students who are taking a law degree that major in this area. Today, a will is no long just a piece of paper with directives from a decreased individual. A living will has gained it popularity in today society. Such new and emerging market needs have created new career opportunity for the law degree students.

4. IP Consultant

Since the mergence of Internet has given rise to the need for experts related to the intellectual property (IP). If you are earning a law degree that major in Intellectual Property Law, you may start your career as an IP consultant. Software companies and companies with new products & technologies development will need your service to protect their IP right and resolve any copyright issue.

In Summary

Although most law degree students are having their careers with a law related job, but their workplaces are not limited to legal firm. Many businesses and companies require law expertise or legal consultant on staff. Hence, with the unlimited career opportunities available for law degree students, you do not need to worry about your future. Go ahead to pursue your preference law degree as your career opportunities are waiting for you.

Tips To Help You Choose A Vacation Rental

Are you putting together a travel plan? Since there are so many options, it may hard for you to opt for a vacation rental home. In this article, we have given 5 tips to help you choose a vacation rental home with ease. Hope these tips will make your next trip just amazing.

Pay Attention To The Pictures

The importance of taking a look at the pictures of the home can’t be denied. In fact, you should review each picture with great attention. During your review, if you don’t find a lot of clear, well-lit, most recent pictures of house, just keep digging deeper. Keep in mind that a reputable rental property will offer a lot of brilliant photos.

Make sure you can find photos taken from different angles, such as the outside, the inside, and the street view, to name a few.

Consider The Amount of Space

Although square footage is important, this doesn’t tell the whole story about a house. For instance, if a house has high ceilings, the home will look spacious. On the other hand, low ceilings will make a house look confined. Make sure the place is not teaming with lots of unnecessary furniture. But it should have the required furniture. After all, you can’t take chairs and tables with you on your trip.

The Home Should Be Well-stocked

Before you go on a trip, make sure you don’t pack too much stuff. Actually, what you need to do is opt for a vacation rental home that is stocked with all the stuff that tourists usually need. The house should be able to meet your day-to-day household needs.

Apart from the sheets, extra pillows, towels, and the toilet paper, the place should also offer necessary kitchen stuff, such as serving trays, utensils, cups and plates, to name a few. Apart from this, make sure the place provides routinely used appliances, such as microwave, toaster, and office maker.

Reputable vacation rentals also keep their properties stocked with family-friendly stuff, such as magazines, books and board games. Some also provide video game consoles, yard games and football tables.

Family-Friendly Activities

You should look for a place that offers tons of fun activities in the neighborhood. It can be a museum or a zoo, for instance, where you can have fun with your family. If the fun activities are at a walking distance from the rental home, that is even better.

Customer Service

Lastly, it’s important that you search for a vacation rental that offers the top-notch customer service. In fact, the way they will deal with you even before you have chosen them will give you a better idea of their customer service. It will help you find out more about the type of house you are going to rent and the type of experience you will enjoy.

Finding Vacation Rentals

Are you planning to spend your vacation with your friends or family members in a memorable way? You want to spend a week or more. Getting a private accommodation would be more profitable than staying in a hotel room. You can save your extra expenses. However, choosing a right vacation rental is not a cakewalk. It is tough enough. A vast majority of seekers does not know where to find vacation rentals. There are many things to find and consider.

Given below are some important tips:

Google search

Google search is the best way to find vacation rentals. If you follow this method, you will come across many options with an opportunity of filtering these in your own ways. The option to filter the results for vacation rentals will help you reach the right destination. Long before it was reported that Google was testing a vacation-rental filter. We can find this now available in certain cities.

Therefore, the question comes- “how does this work?”

You just type “hotels in London, the UK” in the search bar. It will fetch a Google map along with a list of hotels, amenities and prices. Now you can filter the search for your specific travel dates. There is a drop-down menu under the map to tell you “Accommodation type.” This helps you choose either “any” or “vacation rentals”. Now if you click on vacation rentals, you will get to see a list of options and prices and the map will be changed to show you only rentals.

Dedicated websites

There are many dedicated websites helping you find vacation homes in your desired ways by going directly to those sites. Even you can book a rental if you find anything matching your needs and budgets. Some of these include a brief description of it and the reviews posted by many users.

When you do a Google search to book one, the search engine giant Google redirects you to a travel website offering this booking facility. Sometimes, it links the filter to a website that facilities you to browse photos and read descriptions. Besides, it can tell about the amenities.

Websites offering travel news

There are many websites dedicated to offering travel news. These websites are good. They include many vacation homes along with the latest news and detail analysis of these places along with their pros and cons. These websites are very useful to tell you all in details. It helps you take a better decision and get ready accordingly.